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Gästebuch von Mocke und Lif

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winkie heul saufen hüpf clown fuck harlekin hauen :-) tanzen winken ;-) engel
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24.10.2015 13:29, Vanja from Stockholm E-mail :
Dear Esther,

I received an e-mail from my grandmother Gudrun today with the link to your YouTube-channel. Your dogs are so lovely! Last year I moved back to Sweden from Ireland but I had to leave my dogs behind - planning to bring them over next summer. So if you don't mind I would like to ask you some questions... Please contact me if you get a chance :) Best wishes, Vanja

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14.07.2013 07:42, Liane Schwandt E-mail :
Auch aus
Berlin herzlichen

Das Ablegen sah ja auch in Hirschaid mit großer Ablenkung super aus! winkie

31.05.2013 03:52, Jürgen Fruth from Teublitz E-mail :
Hallo Esther, schöne Neuigkeiten und Cat und LIf. Juhu LG Jürgen hüpf

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Entries: 286
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